Dare devils

Day 1:

Brrr! What a cold day today: freezing! My day started well however, because I was very excited to go to survival.

I had been sick for a few days , and I was feeling very dizzy. But dressing up warm, should take care  the problem,at least I hoped. Unfortunately it went wrong from the start. I was stacking crates and all went well. But then I had to help securing the climbing ropes and suddenly I became very sick. I had a black out and had to sit down. I stayed very dizzy and unfortunately I could not longer participate with the other missions. It was very bad! If it had been warmer outside, I would have felt felt much better.

I like survival a lot and I’ve done this many times. I like challenges and dare very much. So it’s too bad that I wasn’t able to do all of the survival things.

Last year I had a survival day and we did the same things as this day. But it wasn’t as cold as today! That makes a difference and it’s much nicer when it’s warmer outside.


Day 2:

This morning the group gathered to go to the “AH” in Eindhoven. At 9:30 AM everybody was present and we quickly sent a picture. After a few minutes we received the assignment for this day. We had to make assignments for another group at Eindhoven. But brainstorming in this cold weather isn’t very nice, so we went to the La Place restaurant. We had to do two assignments. We did it together with the remaining half of another group. That was tricky! Eventually we came up with fun and exciting assignments. We have devised riddles so that the assignments were hard to find.

I think the group who shall be performing in Eindhoven tomorrow will have a nice day. Because first you get one riddle, and if you can not solve this riddle, you can’t perform the assignments. So it’s very important to solve all the riddles.That makes it exciting.

The assignments are related to dare, because you have to do things you normally don’t do. For example a flashmob in the middle of the central station. This is a little bit scary,  because you are in a group with maybe 6 people and you have to do a flashmob with more than 6 people! When you start dancing it’s a question how much people will come and join. So be creative and think!

The assignments are related to our targetgroup too, because we have processed fashion and experience stores in the assignments. Fashion is related to our next period ‘appearance’ and very important to our target group. We selected places where you will  find fashion and get inspired through the people and the area.

We chose a few places to hide the riddles: De tuinen(shop), Design Academy(school), The Sting(shop) and Central station. We did that because “De tuinen” is a health shop and it will improve your quality of life. The Design Academy is a place for young people, where you will get inspired. Then we have The Sting, this store is a real experience: The Sting has a disco-look. And at last Central station. In a central station people come together, they say goodbye and will meet again. You find different people in the station, which is very inspiring.

I liked this day, but on the other side I was freezing cold. Create assignments in a city for another group is very fun, but maybe in summer next time?!

Day 3:

Yes, the-final-dare-day! I look like a snowman now! This day I’m going to freeze in Dordrecht.

We made a picture again, but somebody in our group did not arrive in time. So we called him and he said he was at the station at 9.00 AM! But we agreed to arrive at 10 AM at the station. He came directly to the station and we went to the assignments. All the assignments scattered throughout Dordrecht. So we used public transport. The assignments where a bit unclear. Example: Look for the Grand Cafe, what has the man? But Dordrecht has many cafes!

After this we had to find a carrot and bring it to our dutch santa: Sinterklaas. So we went to the market en asked the greengrocer for an old molded carrot. Then we brought it to Sinterklaas and sang a song for him. I don’t think this is necessarily related to dare. But I must admit: I found it a bit scary. Moreover, I didn’t like this Sinterklaas. He wasn’t pleased with the carrot, he reacted not really enthousiast to our song and he don’t gave me a hand, but a high-five, fail!

At least we had to go to a 3D books store and ask the job from the owner before he retired. But the owner wasn’t retired at all! Surely the book store was great! All the books where in 3D format and the store was really old and sweet. Definitely recommended for presents!

Afternoon we got mail again: Make a picture of the group while doing a kind of Jackass stunt. We thougt about racing in a cart in the “Albertheijn”. But that’s a bit obvious. Then we thought something other dare: Jumping on the beds in a bed store. We started jumping and the bed nearly collapsed. The shop personal looked very strange to us and we explained our assignment. Their answer: what a weird assignment. And I think they where not amused at all. But we liked it and sent a nice picture to John.

This day wasn’t a real ‘Exciting day in the City’, because the assignments were not related to dare and not related to our targetgroup. Visit Sinterklaas is nice for children, but not for us ! That’s a pitty, because  I was looking forward to it!

This week was very nice, but very cold! Maybe next time in summer?


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