Slow Coffee Trend

“You don’t have to do everything faster in the restaurants”, this is the philosophy behind ‘slow coffee’. The 2011th trend: Slow Coffee. We want to eat faster, but it must be pure and have a good quality.
There are three different qualitys of coffee beans, because there are coffee fruits with one, two or three beans from the same plant. The one with one bean has all the cafeine and flavour where as the fruit with three beans has the same amount of cafeine and flavour devided over the three beans. Therefore the one bean coffee fruit has the highest quality. Costa Rica is one of the coffee producing countries where you can see the whole process.

People are very interested in this process and want to pay more for the slow coffee, because they know it’s good quality.

But what’s the conclusion of this trend? Everything has to go faster and faster today, but if we want to take a little break everything has to be slow down: slow food, slow drinks and for wake up: slow coffee!


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