Take a look at Philips Research

Today I went to Philips Research at the High-Tech campus in Eindhoven. I visited a few demonstrations in the group digital signal processing from potential new product releases. Young enthausiastic researchers showing of their newest inventions.

I’ll give an impression from some demonstrations I have seen today.

First I visited a demonstration about noise. You know this problem: when your doing homework or something and someone else is listening to the radio or is watching tv, it’s difficult for you to concentrate. But Philips has the solution for this. The camera on top of the loudspeaker from the TV is tracking you when you’re watching TV. The sounds from the loudspeaker will only be heard by you and at the same time the other people will not be disturb by the noise in the same room. It’s a concept only, but it’s a great solution. We only have to wait for this products.

If 5 people watching the same television, they see the same TV-images. A presenter  talks to “you” but another person is seeing the same too. Take the example skype, a programm that allows to see each other by camera: every body sees the same person and the same images. Philips created a 3D-screen that is able to display at the same time two images shot by two different cameras. The TV displays every camera images on a saparate  angle. there by offering a different view for every person watching the televison.

So when you’re “skyping” someone, the other person looks you straight in the eyes. Wauw, difficult to explain!

I also went to the “dead-room”. It’s an acoustically dead room, and they are purely designed for measurements. When you enter the room you’ll feel an “I-just-left-the-disco effect”, a very strange feeling in your ears. The dead room is perfectely isolated from outside noise and a total lech of echo’s. I don’t have any pictures yet, because there was a photographer present. But I’ll give you an impression from the dead-room. 

Later I’ll post the photo’s.

I saw very interesting demonstrations today and with lots of information I went home.


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