Twitter is an upcoming hype. Allthough many dutch people already love to tweet, not everyone is hooked for this social-media site. This concept will make twitter a real experience! #secretportraits is a concept designd by a class of illustration students from UCA who are drawing portraits based on your tweets.

How to:
1.Describe yourself in a tweet – and don’t forget the #secretportraits hashtag
2.If your tweet intrigues us, our illustrators will dive into your Twitter profile to find out more about you
3.They’ll draw a secret portrait based on what they read in your Twitter feed
4.When it’s ready, we’ll send the portrait to you and post it up on The Feed

#secretportraits is concept who made it possible to get portraits based on your tweets. It is hard to picture somebody based on reading their tweets. With the pictures created by the students from UCA is it easier to get an idea about the people twittering. It is related to the trends web 2.0 and experience economy.
It is inspiring for people who aren’t visually oriented. But I think the most users of #secretportraits are youngsters, because of the social media trend.


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