Instant Polaroid for iPhone

There are lots of iPhone cases in the world, but now you can dress your iPhone in its true identity with the Instant Camera iPhone Decal. The sticker has a cut out over the lens and flash so you can still shoot pics and is easy to apply and remove. And unlike bulky cases, it protects your phone!

This is cool for anyone who grew up in the 1970’s or 1980’s. Anyone knows and probably used a Polaroid instant camera, with the pics that shoot out the front and develop themselves. But also if you aren’t grew up in the Polaroid era and you want to give a bit of cool retro style to your iPhone, you really need this sticker.

The instant Camera iPhone Decal is related to the trend: instant gratification. It’s very authentic and it just says: “I want that 70’s feeling, I want it now! 


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