Google Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Printing

When you normally have to print a document, you obviously need a printer that is
directly connected to your computer or accessible via a network. Yesterday I
read an article in “Computer Totaal” (a Dutch magazine) about printing from any
location, everywhere. Google has introduced “Google Cloud Print”. Summarized: the goal of this Cloud Printing is that you just have to connect the Google Cloud Printer, in Google Chrome and your printer will automatically be available from
Google Cloud Print enabled web and mobile applications.

Very easy, very fast! So, say Hi to the Urban Nomad! The Urban Nomads wants to work
everywhere and every time.. but they also have to print their documents. Google
Cloud Printing is a great opportunity for the Urban Nomads’ live, because they are
always on the go. With Cloud Printing it’s possible for them to print on their “currently”
office. That way; every Urban Nomad who needs to print on the go can use every
printer to print their documents.  I guess it’s easy!


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