Philips 3D-printer

This is the Philips 3D-printer which is a part of Philips’ Diagnostic Kitchen program. It’s an effort to take a look at examples that could have a profound effect on the way we source our food 15-20 years from now.  Very  unconventional and provocative, of course. In 15 to 20 years you only have to choose a few basic ingredients, color, taste and fragrance and in a few minutes you can eat your 3D-printer meal.

But why it’s cool?
In this time everybody is busy. Most of the employed women worked on full-time jobs, but working women still perform most of the household chores. After a long day of work, they come home and have to cook immediately. This is the solution for our “cool” and busy women! No more stress.. only a few things to choose and your meal is getting ready in a few minutes.


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