What about theme traveling

What about “theme traveling”

One of the recurring trends these days is socialization. The end of the individualistic era appears to be ending and the sense of community is increasing. We want to feel connected with like-minded people.



Today “self realization” is a popular term for shaping our life. “Shaping our life” sounds for granted, but many people are fully occupied with their busy life. The structure of the society is changing. There is less and less confidence in the society, people are losing their mainstay, while the desire for support is growing partly because of the economic crisis. There is a need of being together.  



Because of the increasing need for security and stability there is a interest in special types of holidays like culinary travel, single trips, religious travel, naturists travel etc. People are looking for special types of holidays to create a communal sense: being together with people with similar interests.

Picture 1: http://www.christelijkevakantiesite.nl

Picture 2: http://www.natutravel.nl/


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