Web 2.0


What’s that?
StumbleUpon is a simple and effective social bookmark service to ensure that you end up on websites that match your interests. It’s a free, downloadable browser button that lets people rate and recommend random websites to their friends.

Why it’s cool?
It is possible to give an appreciation from a website and to write a review. The more people give a positive rating to a website, the more people will see. All websites you give a valuation to, will be saved in your profile. This allows other visitors to your profile page and see the websites you like..




What’s that?
Instead of downloading popular instant messaging services such as Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger, Meebo lets you access your buddy list and IM all you want from its Web site.

Why it’s cool?
Meebo is very easy to use! Visit http://www.meebo.com and create an account. When you’ve done that, you have to feature “chat accounts”. For example Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger etc.
You have to login one and after that you’re available in all the different IM services simultaneously.




What’s that?
Upload your video to Eyespot and use its tools to edit it and publish it on other sites.

Why it’s cool?


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