What about theme traveling

What about “theme traveling”

One of the recurring trends these days is socialization. The end of the individualistic era appears to be ending and the sense of community is increasing. We want to feel connected with like-minded people.



Today “self realization” is a popular term for shaping our life. “Shaping our life” sounds for granted, but many people are fully occupied with their busy life. The structure of the society is changing. There is less and less confidence in the society, people are losing their mainstay, while the desire for support is growing partly because of the economic crisis. There is a need of being together.  



Because of the increasing need for security and stability there is a interest in special types of holidays like culinary travel, single trips, religious travel, naturists travel etc. People are looking for special types of holidays to create a communal sense: being together with people with similar interests.

Picture 1: http://www.christelijkevakantiesite.nl

Picture 2: http://www.natutravel.nl/


Philips 3D-printer

This is the Philips 3D-printer which is a part of Philips’ Diagnostic Kitchen program. It’s an effort to take a look at examples that could have a profound effect on the way we source our food 15-20 years from now.  Very  unconventional and provocative, of course. In 15 to 20 years you only have to choose a few basic ingredients, color, taste and fragrance and in a few minutes you can eat your 3D-printer meal.

But why it’s cool?
In this time everybody is busy. Most of the employed women worked on full-time jobs, but working women still perform most of the household chores. After a long day of work, they come home and have to cook immediately. This is the solution for our “cool” and busy women! No more stress.. only a few things to choose and your meal is getting ready in a few minutes.

Tech-Women Talkshow

What are the technologies or scientific developments for improving the lives of women?
Maybe a food printer which will take away your “no time for cooking when I got home from
a long day of work thought”? Or pills which will let you forget your bad memories and only
think about the good ones. There are lots of new technologies for improving lives of

Monday June 27th 2011 Women Inc. will present a talk show about all these technologies.
Rinske Spijkerman and I are one of the speakers who are going to explain a few examples of
women & technology. With 6 students we have worked on this project and Monday June 27th our
work will be exhibited at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

So, if you are interested to attend this talk show.. Please have a look at this flyer or site http://www.womeninc.nl/page/27352/nl

Google Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Printing

When you normally have to print a document, you obviously need a printer that is
directly connected to your computer or accessible via a network. Yesterday I
read an article in “Computer Totaal” (a Dutch magazine) about printing from any
location, everywhere. Google has introduced “Google Cloud Print”. Summarized: the goal of this Cloud Printing is that you just have to connect the Google Cloud Printer, in Google Chrome and your printer will automatically be available from
Google Cloud Print enabled web and mobile applications.

Very easy, very fast! So, say Hi to the Urban Nomad! The Urban Nomads wants to work
everywhere and every time.. but they also have to print their documents. Google
Cloud Printing is a great opportunity for the Urban Nomads’ live, because they are
always on the go. With Cloud Printing it’s possible for them to print on their “currently”
office. That way; every Urban Nomad who needs to print on the go can use every
printer to print their documents.  I guess it’s easy!